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Chemisorption, physisorption and bench-scale micro-reactor systems for industrial and research use.

Founded in 1984, Altamira Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of chemisorption and physisorption instrumentation as well as bench-scale micro-reactor systems for industrial and research use.

Having earned an enviable reputation for quality and precision, Altamira instruments have been installed around the world. Among these installations are leading national laboratories, influential academic catalyst research groups and major chemical research centers. Altamira Instruments is a company started by and is still staffed by catalysis people. They take pride in their ability to support the end-user with applications/methods development.

Instrument Range


The AMI-300 is the “flagship” chemisorption analyser of the AMI family. It is a single station instrument with a standalone PC and LabVIEW-based control software. It is the instrument upon which the rest of the AMI-technology and software is based.


The AMI-300IR is a new instrument that uses a heated IR transmission cell coupled with an FTIR to gather information in real time on what is actually occurring on the surface of a catalyst.


The AMI-300RHP is a custom high-pressure version of the AMI-300 with a liquid feed via a HPLC pump. It is equipped to provide 100 bar (or more) of operating pressure during an experiment. The AMI-300RHP was the first high-pressure chemisorption analyzer on the market.


AMI-300 Lite allows for rapid chemisorption studies in a compact, affordable package. The AMI-300 Lite was designed specifically for budget conscious customers and is the only fully automated entry-level chemisorption analyzer on the market today.

AMI Surface DX

A multi-station instrument specifically for dynamic BET analysis. The AMI Surface DX is compact and can perform simultaneous analysis on four samples. This high-throughput and fully automated analyzer ensures the utmost efficiency in any laboratory.

AMI Meso Series

The AMI Meso Series of BET surface area instruments utilises the static volumetric method to measure isotherms. The AMI Meso Series is designed specifically to characterize mesoporous materials and can even be adapted with multiple analysis ports for high-throughput testing.

AMI Micro Series

The AMI Micro series of sorption instruments is designed to determine specific surface area, pore size distribution, and pore volume in everything from carbon black to pigments to zeolites and can be adapted with multiple analysis ports for high-throughput sample testing.

AMI Sync Series

The AMI Sync Series is a high throughput BET analyser with up to four measuring stations and a separate p0 measuring cell for simultaneous measurement of saturation vapor pressure.

Bench-top Reactor for Catalytic Studies

The complete bench-top reactor for catalytic studies. All the components required for either gas-phase or liquid-phase reaction studies are contained in this fully automated instrument.

BenchCAT X000R HP Hybrid

A custom catalyst testing instrument that can perform both reaction testing and catalyst characterization.

BenchCAT 4000R HP Hybrid

A four-station automated reactor system designed for reaction testing and chemisorption.

BenchCAT High Throughput Reactor Systems

A multi-channel fixed bed reactor system for high throughput screening of heterogeneous catalysts. Choose 8, 16, or 24 reactors with multiple options for gas and liquid feeds.

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